District Office Staff

La Grande School District is proud to have a very dedicated staff that is committed to working to provide a well balanced education to help our 21st century learners be successful in today's challenging environment.
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Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone number
Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone number
George Mendoza Superintendent 541-663-3201 
Gaye Young Administrative Assistant - Board & Superintendent 541-663-3202 
Reta Doland Title Programs/Curriculum 541-663-3203 
Joseph Waite Facilities/Bond Manager 541-663-3204 
Chris Panike Business Manager/Plant Operations Director 541-663-3206 
Tressa Wilson Title Programs Secretary 541-663-3207 
Kailin Wells Payroll Specialist 541-663-3208 
Laurie Batten Administrative Assistant - Personnel 541-663-3212 
Debra Comfort Accounts Payable 541-663-3213 
Char Hampton Plant Operations Secretary 541-663-3214 
Melissa Patton Business Fiscal Officer 541-663-3220 
Carol Byron Special Programs Director 541-663-3221 
Mary DeViney Special Programs Secretary 541-663-3226 
Chris Hovde Curriculum Secretary 541-663-3228 
Casey Hampton IT Director 541-663-3236 
 Youth In Transition 541-663-3314 
Showing 16 items