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Regular Board Meeting: Wednesday, July 23 , 2014, 7:00 p.m., Willow Elementary Conference Room

Back row: Chris Woodworth, Larry Glaze, Greg Blackman, Joe Justice, Mike Frasier
Bottom row: Merle Comfort, Hayley Crews, (Student Rep), Dayneen Koopman and Bud Walker

The La Grande School District No. 1 Board of Directors is legally responsible to the state for the governance of the district. The Board conducts the business of the District at its regular and special meetings. The Board consists of seven members and each serves a four-year term.

The La Grande School District Board of Directors will meet in the Willow Elementary School Gym at 7:00 PM.

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Message from 
Joe Justice, Board Chair
    I have the distinct honor to Chair the La Grande School Board during the 2012-2013 school year.  I've lived in La Grande the last eleven years and have served on the La Grande School Board for one year.
    The La Grande School District has committed to re-culturing our schools using Professional Learning Communities (PLC's).  This process focuses our teaching practices on student achievement.  What students learn becomes the true measure of our success not simply what is taught.  I'm proud of our exceptional staff in the La Grande School District and excited about the future.
    I encourage you to become involved in our La Grande public schools; attend a sporting event, play or concert, get involved in your child's school's Parent teacher Organization or volunteer in one of our six schools.  The La Grande School District is your community public school system.  Please help me and my fellow Board members make our schools the very best they can be.

Place of work: Forester- Forest Capital Partners
School(s) children attend: Central Elementary
Years in La Grande: 12
Position 3 - Term Expires 6/30/2015
Why have you run for the school board
: To help the district address the many challenges it will face in the near future. With challenges come opportunities. I want to help the district find those opportunities.

Merle Comfort: Vice- Chairman 

Position 7 - Term Expires 6/30/2015

Place of work: Comfort Dental Lab 
School(s) children attend: Graduated from LHS 2013/ Walla Walla Community College 
Years on School Board: cumulatively for 12 years 
Years in La Grande: 33 years

Why have you run for the school board:  
My goal  is to help keep the lines of communication open with the public and represent the district in any capacity that is deemed necessary. My personal goal is to see the PLC's implemented and begin functioning. I believe the PLC's will make a big difference how ALL children will be taught in our school district.

Greg Bogard

Position 1 - Term Expires 6/30/2015 

Place of work:  
School(s) Children attend
Years in La Grande:  

Why have you run for the school board

Position 2 - Term Expires 6/30/2015
Place of work: Country Insurance & Financial Services
School(s) children attend: LMS and LHS
Years in La Grande: He grew up in La Grande, graduating from LHS in 1989
Why have you run for the school boardI was inspired to serve on the board because my wife and I are the parents of a son and a daughter who attend school in the district. I want to help with the educational process. 

Position 6 - Term Expires 6/30/2015
Place of work: Eastern Oregon University
School(s) Children attend: Children graduated from LHS in 2005 and 2007. Attended Greenwood Elementary, Central Elementary, LMS and LHS.
Years in La Grande: 39 (and counting)
Why have you run for the school board: I am a retired LHS teacher.  I think that public service is something we all should do when we have the time and I felt that I could bring my knowledge of schools and the workings of the education system to the school board.

Position 4 - Term Expires 6/30/2017

Place of Work: I have been employed by Center for Human Development for over 20 years in the Mental Health field.
Schools/Children attended: My three children attended Willow Elementary and two of them also attended Central. They graduated from LHS in 2000, 1998, and 1994.
Years in La Grande: I have lived in La Grande 40+ years.  I started college at Eastern in 1972 and have lived here ever since.
Why I ran for school board: I have been a supporter of our schools for many years. When my children were young I supported schools through PTA work. Today, I remain interested in the welfare of our community's youth as they are our future.  I believe strongly in  their right to a superior, well rounded education.

Position 5 - Term Expires 6/30/2017
Place of work:  4th Street Regional Clinic, La Grande.  M.D.,General Surgeon.   
School(s) children attend: We have eight children.  Some of the children participate in varsity sports at La Grande High School
Years in La Grande: 3
Why have you run for the school board: 
I became a board member because I wanted to 
participate in our community and feel that education is a critical issue for the future of our town. 


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